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On this page you can find & play some video games I have developed. Most of them can be played on this website or on

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NOV 2020

#P5.js #Javascript

Suid-Afrikaanse Grensoorlog

Game about the 'Suid-Afrikaanse grensoorlog', South African border war.

Screenshot of Suid-Afrikaanse Grensoorlog

A game about the Suid-Afrikaanse Grensoorlog, South African Border War.

JUN/JUL 2020

#P5.js #Javascript


Hardcore endless platformer.

Screenshot of BRUHN

BRUHN is a game I made in P5.js for a school assignment in just a few weeks. Its an hardcore endless platformer game.

AUG 2019


Totally No Liars!

My first Game Jam

Cover image of 'Totally No Liars!'

My first game jam game made for the Community Game Jam. The theme was: 'The Game Is A Liar'. Something with the submission went wrong. But still, a finished game. You can play it, but you probably won't beat it. Because its really hard..

SEP 2018 - AUG 2019

#C++ #SFML

Nature Zen

An original game on Steam.

Nature Zen store page

While learning to code with C++ & Git, I worked in team Octane with the goal of creating a Steam game called Nature Zen.The game is about a world of tiles with animals and plants. In the game the player plays as god, manipulating the terrain tiles where animals live on. Unfortunately the game never got really finished and published, but it was still a really cool project where I learned a lot. I had a fun time working on this and about 13 people contributed to the project. You can still view the Steam store page today although it will probably never be released.

JUL 2019


Square Smasher

My first (finished) Unity game

Cover image of Square Smasher

Square Smasher is my first finished and actually published Unity game. Its a simple top-down shooter where you have to smash the squares (using bullets?!). I didn't finish more than 95% of my Unity projects but this one was the first exception. The reason is probably because I wanted to keep this project as simple as possible unlike all the other projects I had at the time.