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This page contains a list of all the software I use and recommend to other people. Almost everything is free software.

Linux #

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Android #

Android privacy sucks on most phones by default, however depending on your manufacturer there have quite some ways to customize it. If you have a Google Pixel, you can use GrapheneOS. Otherwise LineageOS which supports more devices. If the bootloader of your device is locked or 3rd party ROMs are unsupported you can do a rootless debloat using ADB with Universal-Android-Debloater.

Windows #

I wouldn't recommend this insecure bloated spyware operating system to anyone but in many cases you simply have no choice... To massively improve your experience though, I highly recommend winutil an amazing tool from Chris Titus to debloat your Windows install. Lots of popular free software mentioned above is also available on Windows like LibreOffice, Thunderbird and 7Zip.