My projects

On this page you can find my portfolio of programming projects I have worked on. Most of my projects are very random and I work on them when I have the time, so I don't publish them here. This page contains my more serious and finished projects. Everything is open source so you can check out the code if you are interested. You can also subscribe to my RSS feed.

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APR/MAY 2021

#Javascript #Browser-Extension


Watching YouTube without distractions.

YT-Shell is a browser extension that helps you stay focused while browsing YouTube. The extension ensures that you are not distracted with the aim of spending your time on 'quality content'. It works byinjecting CSS and JS that hide things from the site. There are settings for blocking stuff incl… Read more..



Python Automation

Automating stuff

I got inspired to automate things in my own life after watching some videos about cool stuff people did automate in Python. I created Python scripts to receive notifications about my schedule, grades and homework from school using different (REST) API's.

While this project started simple a… Read more..

NOV 2020


Lootjes Trekken

Ticket pulling tool

For Sinterklaas (a Dutch holiday) I made a little online tool for pulling tickets for a group of people. The algorithm works in a way that nobody can pick themselves. Also there's on option to set an 'disapproval' for each person so specific people can't pick specific other people.

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APR/MAY 2020


Playground Finder

Website for finding & uploading playgrounds.

I had to make a website using HTML, CSS, JavaScript, PhP & MySQL for a school assignment. One of my teachers asked me whether I could make a website for him. The idea: He wanted a website where he could easily find playgrounds for his kids. With him as a client I created, … Read more..


#Java #Swing

Break Timer

Forcing myself to take breaks.

I use the computer a lot and usually take too few breaks. To fix this problem I created a java program running in the background that would block my screen and show a 'Take a break message' aftera specific interval. Later, I rewrote the program and made it quite advanced. I added lots of new feat… Read more..