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Python Automation

Automating stuff

I got inspired to automate things in my own life after watching some videos about cool stuff people did automate in Python. I created Python scripts to receive notifications about my schedule, grades and homework from school using different (REST) API's.

While this project started simple at first, it ended up becoming much bigger and complex than I initially thought. First, I needed a way of figuring out when specific content was changed or deleted from the API's since they didn't provide a way to do that. That meant I needed to keep a cache locally and compare the data every time. Secondly, I added multiple ways to receive the notifications. First just OS notifications, but later I added Discord webhook support. And as a result of that, when other people saw the Discord webhook, I was tempted to add support for multiple different people and groups. And finally I even added a Minecraft server listener to get notified when people where joining a Minecraft server.

Yet, I must admit that I'm no longer using it. Most scripts will still work fine but some other API's are probably broken by now. It turned out to be less useful than I had thought after all. Sometimes it was actually very distracting to receive notifications all the time.